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Environmental Health

Physicians for Social Responsibility Compendium (PSR) on Fracking Studies

The Harms of Fracking, by Rolling Stone

Southwestern Pennsylvania Health Project (SPHP)

Climate Change Impacts from Natural Gas, by Yale Environment 360

The Frack Check West Virginia Blog

No Need

Are the ACP and MVP Necessary?

True Costs of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

We Can Have All of the Gas We Need in Virginia Without New Pipelines

The Vanishing Need for the Atlantic Coast PipelineRisk That Pipeline Won't Be Able to Recover Costs

Native American

Indigenous Environmental Network


Environmental Justice

Fumes Across the Fence-Line, study by NAACP and CATF

ACP's Cost and Burden on Low-Income Families, by Amy Mall

Bill and Lynn Limpert, Dominion Energy Seeking to Destroy Massive Sugar Maples at Their Home in Rural Bath County


Hadwin: No, Cold Wave Doesn't Show Need for Pipeline

To Understand Pipeline Economics, Follow the Money, by Tom Hadwin

NRDC Article Confirms Cost of ACP for Virginians

Are Appalachian Pipelines Being Built to Increase Exports, by Amy Mall

How Dominion Power Will Benefit From Construction of Pipelines

Dominion Power's Economic Tactics to Maximize Profits

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